Harmonium Bumper Sticker


What would bring some snap to your tired Craigslist Honda? Besides new spark plugs, probably a Harmonium Project bumper sticker!


Whether the bumper is still firmly attached or not, people need to know who they’re honking at. Take a stand for urban revitalization with pride by displaying “THE HARMONIUM” in large letters across the back of your conveyance. These bumper stickers measure 11″ wide and 1.75″ tall. If we’ve done it right, they’re sticky on one side and covered in words on the other side.


We’re really excited for the launch of our new website and making the philosophy and art of the Harmonium Project available to a wider audience! We’re a tiny group of dedicated volunteers and artisans, and we ask for your patience as we get everything set up and running smoothly. For launch orders, we’re asking for a roughly 2-week turnaround time from order placement to the ship date. We expect this to decrease soon to a 3-5 day turnaround. Please email us at support@theharmoniumproject.org if you have any questions. Thank you!